Here at Winsome Glow, we’ve been designing products to meet evolving skin care needs and concerns. Winsome Glow Beauty Products are made to deliver fantastic results. Our products bring out the best in your skin, helping it glow with radiance, whilst keeping it hydrated. Our staff at Winsome Glow Beauty Products understand the importance of healthy skin, and the effects it has on you. We are continuously analyzing the evolving needs of various skin types; looking into market perceptions of these different skin types and finally delivering the finest quality products to the consumer through our advanced formulas.



We understand the importance of you looking and feeling your best. We make it our duty to care about your skin and understand the strains that everyday life has on your skin. With our extensive knowledge and understanding, we are able to deliver the best skin care solutions for various skin types and needs. The quality of our products and service is key to our success!


MNF Cosmetics is the leading skin care products export company in Pakistan. It was established in 2017. It is the parent company of Winsome Glow Beauty Products. Manufacturing takes place in Lahore, Pakistan. Head Office is also based in Lahore.

Today, MNF Cosmetics provides its’ services and Winsome Glow Beauty Products to various countries all across the globe. Click here for Distributor list.


MNF Cosmetics is an export-only company. Winsome Glow Beauty Products currently has distributors in several countries, across the globe. Reaching people in different cities and towns. Some of these countries include Burundi; Bangladesh; Ghana; Congo; India; Kenya; Niger; Nigeria; Somalia; Tanzania; Zimbabwe; United Kingdom and Turkey. If you are interested in becoming a Winsome Glow Beauty Products Distributor, click here

MNF Cosmetics have a unique business model, that enables the end user to get the product in an efficient and stress-free way. 

Winsome Glow Beauty Products appoints Regional Distributors in each country/region.

The Distributor will enter into an Agreement/Contract with MNF Cosmetics/ Winsome Glow Global.

The Regional Distributor purchases Winsome Glow Beauty Products from and also reports directly to Winsome Glow Global (Head Office)

Each Distributor is responsible for the Wholesalers that are placed beneath them. The Distributor supplies the products to Wholesaler. The Wholesaler reports directly to the Regional Distributor of Winsome Glow Beauty Products. Each Winsome Glow Beauty Products Distributor will have a Distribution Agreement/Contract with every Wholesaler. The Wholesaler will sell to retailers.

MNF Cosmetics will regularly provide the contact details of potential wholesalers within each region. This will be done through Social Media Marketing and various other marketing techniques.

A regional Website will be developed for each Country/Region. All online sales traffic will be serviced by the Regional Distributor.

MNF Cosmetics will allocate monthly marketing budgets and strategies for each Country/Region.

The Regional Distributor and the Wholesalers will act as guardians of the brand Winsome Glow Beauty Products.