Our Culture 

At Winsome Glow, we believe the key to a winning culture is putting our global team of skin care specialists right at the center of everything we do. We believe in collective success, and strive to win as a team.

We encourage all team players to put across their ideas and to welcome challenges. We encourage continuous learning and innovation, through team work.

Our core values are respect; honesty, integrity and optimism. Winsome Glow prides itself on having a global network of friendly and enthusiastic staff, that dedicate themselves to the support of the business, and each other.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Winsome Glow is a global company. We have a diverse mix of Winsome Glow Representatives of different ethnicity; religion, gender and also talent. We strongly believe that a diverse mix helps us to better understand the needs of both our team and also of our customer. It also serves as a platform for new ideas and innovation.

Our core values entail respecting each other, and each other’s ideas, allowing our global network of Representatives to feel fully engaged and also understood.


Leadership Philosophy

Each Winsome Glow Beauty Products team player is a potential leader. Regardless of the role or position he or she has in the business.

We encourage all of our staff to put forward their ideas without fear, with the intention of turning these ideas into action.

Should you become a part of the Winsome Glow Team, we will help you to develop the skills and also confidence necessary to challenge status quo.


Changing Lives

We want all of our employees to feel empowered to fulfil their potential and have the option of creating their own career paths, within the Winsome Glow organization. We place a lot of emphasis on learning and development, helping our associates to achieve their goals.