“Why Vitamins Are Essential for Skin Care?”

Vitamins Are Essential for Skin Care

“Why Vitamins Are Essential for Skin Care?”

“Why Vitamins Are Essential for Skin Care?”

Skincare doesn’t only mean using good products and having a skincare routine. But it also means to satisfy your body needs like Water, vitamins etc. Keeping your body hydrated and making sure that it doesn’t have any vitamin deficiency is also really important in making your skin and body healthy and youthful.

Vitamins work as Natural Skincare products that is why many skin care brands use it as core ingredient in their products. If you’re looking for natural ways to support healthy skin, vitamins are important to help maintain skin’s appearance. Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed for any human being. Most vitamins come from food. Vitamins and minerals are usually called micro nutrients because they are required in less quantity for human body. But if you have vitamin deficiency, you will most probably have to take more vitamins from food or either in capsules form. And if you don’t clear out your vitamin deficiency, it can be dangerous for your body.

knowing which vitamin provides what benefits will help you understand what you should focus on more as far as your skin is concerned. Even look for these vitamins in skin care products for additional support.

Here are 3 best and most recognized vitamins you should give your skin:

  1. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a very essential nutrient which helps to support the immune system, cell functions and skin health. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps in many ways.

  • Vitamin E protects your skin against sun damage,
  • Makes your Skin Glowing,
  • Removes aging effects,
  • It helps prevent dark spots and wrinkles,
  • Brightens up your skin,
  • It can help reduce inflammation on the skin,
  • Reduces excessive oil on the skin, gives it a balanced glow,
  • Prevents Acne and dryness,
  • Protects against premature ageing and wrinkles,
  • Reduces the appearance of scars on the skin.

2. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C plays a vital role in forming a healthy skin. The properties found in Vitamin C can do wonders to your skin and health. You’ll get sufficient vitamin C if you eat citrus fruits, Oranges, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and many other greens.

The reasons why vitamin C is important for your skin and health are given below:

  • Reduces oiliness on the skin:

Vitamin C works magically for oily skin because it contains antioxidant properties which helps to reduce oil on the skin and kills the acne causing bacteria. Removes dark spots, wrinkles, aging effects and fine lines. It also makes your skin glowing, giving it a natural whitening skin.

  • Helps in keeping your skin firm:

Vitamin C contains such properties that helps produce collagen, kind of connective tissue that keeps your skin supple and healthy overall.

This is the reason why many beauty products have Vitamin C as the main ingredient in their anti-aging skin care products.

  • Skin Brightening:

Vitamin C is known to have astonishing skin whitening properties. Also, in regard to skin lightening vitamin C plays another vital role. Melanin present in our skin cells produces discoloration on the skin but Vitamin C fights off the free radicals and other harmful substances. This is how Vitamin C helps the skin to stay supple and healthy.

  • Protects from sun’s harmful UV rays:

Vitamin C has the power to heal the skin and the damaged cells. It can enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens applied on your skin if they contain Vitamin C as an ingredient.

3. Vitamin D:

People can get Vitamin D from the exposure of sunlight because it is a vitamin that you cannot get from food. If you feel that you have Vitamin D deficiency then you should take capsules or tablets of Vitamin D.

We must tell you what Vitamin D deficiency does to your health and skin. Vitamin D is Important for your skin in many ways:

  • Promoting healthy bones and teeth:

Vitamin D provides calcium which is really good for teeth bone growth. If your Vitamin D intake is not proper then there is a possibility that you’ll have soft bones which is really not healthy. You’ll realize the importance of vitamin D in the long run.

And also have you ever seen your grandparents with fake teeth or either with broken or no teeth?

That happens even in early stages of being Old. Because people do not give importance to this need of their body.

  • Skin Brightening:

Vitamin D is usually taken by direct sunlight and absorbing balanced sunlight makes your skin naturally Glow. Sunlight also gives your skin a shine and smoothness.

  • Prevents skin Cracking from dryness:  

Sunlight is the biggest source of Vitamin D and we all know that sunlight makes our skin soft, smooth and dryness free.

  • Supporting Immune, Brain, and Nervous System Health:

It has been stated by scientists that Vitamin D helps the people with high Blood pressure. It also helps people get rid of depression. Vitamin D can also help in treating or preventing cancer in many ways.

Thank you for reading this Blog, I hope it was helpful. Keep on reading our informative blogs and stay Healthy.

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